Allright, first interview here at Soulcraft! I feel like a real dickhead making it public after almost one year I received it (Flza sent it back at me on the 2nd of July 2008), anyway, here it is… just to remember one really good hardcore band of the last years!

First of all introduce yourself: who are you? What do you do in life? How much do you like the Cro-Mags?

I am Flza, I played drums in Iron Boots,  I enjoy NY Hardcore, watching movies, hanging out. I work construction for a living.  I install heat and air conditioning. My love for the Cro-Mags is beyond this world. I aspire to be as good as Mackie one day. I even named my dog Mackie. Another band I played drums in (Victim) played with FVK (Cro-Mags) for our record release and Mackie watched our set and afterwards told me I was really good. Basically it made my whole life.  I’ve been inspired by that dude for so long, its the best compliment ive ever gotten. He used my drums that night too and afterwards I wouldnt change the set up for like a month. I also have a Cro-Mag Life tattooo as well as own an O.G. Age of Quarrel Promotional Poster. I’m scared to hang it up.

ib01Now let’s talk about Iron Boots – how did it all start out?

We (Jesse, Dave and I) were all on an insane warzone kick. Dave was still in high school, probably like 17 or so, he definately prayed at the alter of Raybeez. We just decided we needed to do a band together, I had been in seperate bands with both of them, and me and Jesse were always hanging out writing songs, so we figured we’d put some to use. We just wanted to sound like Warzone. We lived, breathed, ate, slept Warzone. We didn’t care about sounding too much like them, for us, the closer we sounded the better. I pretty much tried to play like Lukie Luke as much as I could. And I think it was just natural for us all. We all pretty much just listened to NY stuff for along time already. It was just natural progression. Our boy tommy who was in the band for all the records is like a guitar phenominon, he could play every Metallica song solo included when he was like 14 and Murphy’s Law is his favorite band ever so he was the prefect dude to do a Warzone style band. and the Scrappy is like a Harley Jr. the dude is good at Bass, its insane.

On the 31st of May you guys played your last show, what pushed you to call it quits?

Well, our boy Ryan Braces (who played in the band for a while) was getting married, and wanted to have a crazy bachelor party show, and we were one of his favorite bands and we were already talking about calling it quits, anyway he asked us to play and it just made sense. So we said deinatley! We’ve had line up issues alot, we would get offers to play crazy shows or tours and everything would be ready to go then, one thing or another would fall apart at the seams. So it kinda just discouraged us from moving foward, we were getting a rep for being huge flakes so we just didn’t try to do anything, we were like “we’ll just cancell it anyway, fuck it” then of course we were just kinda stagnant for a while, ocassionally we would try to get things going again but it just never panned out.

ib02From 2003 to 2008 you guys released one demo and two amazing 7″s, was there an LP in the work?

Yeah there was, we wrote about 10 songs with the plans of doing an LP. It was going to be on Parts Unkown Records in the U.S. and Powered Records in Europe. We actually recorded the music twice, for the most part. The first time we got all but solos and vocals recorded on 8 of the new songs. But after listening to it we thought it just sounded like shit (the recording) I didnt like the way the drums sounded and didn’t like the bass tone really. So we said fuck it, and tried again. The second time, all of my drum stuff was locked in a storage unit where we practiced at because no one payed the rent. So I had to use some drums the guy had at his studio and use his cymbals which were cracked and sounded like donkey shit. So obviously we werent going to finish that session. Then we weren’t really happy with the songs and got an idea to re-work the songs, we actually did it, we re-worked them and we all stoked on them. It was definatley a progression of EZ green stuff, but we never took the next step. We’re cursed man…

I love the two songs on the “Generations” compilation, when were those songs recorded? Did you record more unreleased tunes during that session?

Actually both songs on the Generations comp were recorded at the same time as the Easy Green e.p. originally that 7″ wasn’t supposed to come out. 2 songs were meant for the Generations Comp, 2 songs were meant for a split with Cold World and 2 were meant to be exclusive tracks for our CD discography. But Cold World told us they were calling it quits so we decided to make it a 7″ instead.

Which one is your favorite of the records your released and why?

ib03Mine is definatley definatley Easy Green. I love the tone of the record, I love how we kinda progressed from just sounding like Warzone, to adding alot of other influence, (Cro-mags,AF, Altercation) I feel like I reached a new high with my goal of playing like Mackie. Everything about it I was just a lot more happy with. I think the lyrics were more grown up you know, War Dogs is about our friends and families being sent to war. Where we live is a VERY heavily Military populated area. My family is military, my dad is in the navy my brother is in the army. A lot of kids we grew up with made a choice to join the military. That’s just us saying thank you to them, putting their life on the line. The main dude who that was written about (our boy Jeb) went to Iraq and back a couple times. He killed people, saw a lot of shit people in their 80’s will never see.  It’s just crazy to me people would be so selfless.

You guys have toured a lot, although you unfortunately never made it to Europe… favourite show/tour and cool tales from the road?

ib04Dude I don’t know, I don’t have a favorite tour, certain pieces of each tour… but not a whole tour. We played CBGB’s which was a highlight of my life. Now especially that it’s gone, it was such a huge goal. The first time we played Canada was insane, especially Montreal, we went like 8 hours out of our way to pick up Hoodrack (War Hungry) so he could roll with us, that dude just makes a trip fun. He did a little Intro for us and we busted in Clobberin’ Time, I for real felt like I was at CB’s in like ’87. The shit was so hard. We had DTN dudes fill in for us alot, they did a whole week in california with us (we leached off them) that shit was so cool. We played the first Sound And Fury that week, they helped us out with an east coast weekend like the next week, David played guitar Vinnie Stigma style (unplugged) it ruled. We hit the jersey shore hard. I for real can’t narrow it down. You have no idea how bummed I still am that our Euro tour got cancelled. It would have been insane.  Dead Stop’s last show. OOF

Tell me more about Victim and Stone Thrower (if I remember correctly) – what happened to those bands?

Victim was Me, Jesse, Scrappy Tommy and our Boy Snooky (old school dude for the VB scene, one of my best friends, he took me under his wing when i started going to shows) it was basically a more metal, crossover, meets Ball of Destruction worship band. We started Victim before Iron Boots actually. It was alot of fun, I’m really proud of the Victim LP. Definate NY influence. We called it quits at the beginning of the this year. We were just tired of playing the same show over and over.

Richmond, is it really the best place one will ever be? Any cool bands to check out at the moment?

I love Richmond, it’s been one of my favorite places especially for shows for years, I just moved here a year ago and Dave Boots lives here now too. There’s always stuff to do. The river’s my life right now. I take my dog there at least a couple times a week. It’s a young city. VCU is the the biggest school in Virginia so theres so many college kids every where, you can ride a bike or scooter everywhere. It’s just fun.

You definetly paid a good tribute to NYHC, list your top 3 NYHC bands, LP’s and 7″s…

It changes from time to time but its always in the same ballpark. Right now its:

Leeway – Desperate Measures
Cro-Mags – Best Wishes
Crown of Thornz – Mentally Vexed

White Devil – Reincarnate
Burn – Shall Be Judged
Alone In A Crowd

All so hard, all so creative.

Now that Iron Boots is over, are you guys into other bands or planning to do some new ones?

Actually yeah, Me, Hunter (Bracewar) Groater (DTN), Dave(IB) started something, it’s pretty Leeway influenced. Of course other NY bands as well but so far Leeway’s Desperate Measures is a big influence. I’m really stoked on it. Also I have another band with Ryan Braces called No Values, its’ not NY style, it’s fast kinda Suicidal Tendencies and Violent Minds style stuff. A little something different.

Last question: should we consider Iron Boots done for good or is there any hope for something new in the future?

You know I would go ahead and say it’s down for. I’d like to release those songs we wrote but we can’t ever get anything together so I’d say were done.

End this however you want…

Yo, thanks to you for the interview. Thanks to everyone in Europe who was into us. It was a big goal of ours to play Europe, sorry to let you down. We had a lot of fun with the band and that’s all we really set out to do. So goal accomplished. “Everybody out there. Always keep the faith”


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